Aigai(now Vergina) was the royal capital of the Macedonians. At the beginning of the last pre-Christian millennium, Macedonians, who were predominantly breeders, are located on the northern side of Mount Olympus and on the slopes and valleys of the Macedonian mountain (today's Pieria).

Here, in the southern part of Aliakmonas, in the "Macedonian land" of Herodotus, at the foot of the "Macedonian mountain" are the "Aigai", the "place with many kids", the first city of the Macedonians. Built at the beginning of the road that crosses the mountains, it led from the Macedonian basin to the south, Aigai was a very important center with a dominant role in the area from the 10th to the 8th centuries. B.C. Isolated in the self-sufficiency of the abundant flocks, the forested mountains and the fertile valleys, without harbors and islands, without having to turn to trade, without having to open the world by establishing colonies, the Macedonians, as well as the other north- and northwest Greek genders, were left out of the economic, social and political developments of the south that led to democracy, and preserved as the fourth pre-Christian century the traditional kingdom of the kingdom.